Klarna reaches dream milestone of 150 million active customers

Klarna reaches dream milestone of 150 million active customers

To celebrate reaching 150 million active users, BNPL giant Klarna has launched 'Dream Deal Days', a three-day event offering consumers exclusive deals and product drops with some of the world’s biggest retail brands.

Klarna Payment gateway module for perfex

Perfex payment gateway module – Klarna Payment Gateway
Buy: https://codecanyon.net/item/perfex-crm-klarna-payment-gateway-module-for-perfex-crrm/34756657

Flexible payments everywhere
We partner with retailers all over the world to make it easy to pay how you like. Or, you can use our app and enjoy flexible payment options anywhere online.

Rich and Rich Homeopportunities L.L.C. Shoe and Purseline

We had our first Mayfair Mall Grand Opening weekend in Wauwautosa, WI and will be there every weekend until end of store hours at 6 pm on Dec 18th, 2022.  Shop at rich-and-rich-buy-shop-blingz.com

Rich and Rich Homeopportunities L.L.C. is a digital affiliate marketing and advertising company.  We network with other brands and small businesses to find unique products for our customers.  The company is owned by Desiree Sims, an African American woman veteran CEO.  Our mission is to continue to network with other small businesses in our community, nationally, and globally.  We also want to bring products to our veterans
 through vendorship partnerships with the community Veteran’s Administration.  We are accredited by the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau.

The business was started by Desiree Sims, who also serves as the current CEO. Desiree Sims is a masters prepared nurse with 20 years of education and leadership accomplishments. She is also ANCC board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP-BC) 

Rich and Rich Homeopportunities L.L.C have a grand opening. The internet marketing business is preparing for its Black Friday Sale on Nov 26th from 7 pm to 10 pm at their new business location at 790 N Milwaukee St. Suite 317, Milwaukee, WI, 53213. According to the company spokesperson, they will be making products available at their brick-and-mortar shop from their drop-shipping department of Rich and Rich Homeopportunities L.L.C and will also have onsite product promotions, Botox from networking, and much more as we continue to expand.

We also have eBay listings for our purses

Check out Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs on eBay!
https://www.ebay.com/str/richandrichentrepreneurs?mkcid=16 &mkevt=1 &mkrid=711-127632-2357-0 &ssspo=UAwtBSwCSuu &sssrc=3418065 &ssuid=UAwtBSwCSuu &widget_ver=artemis &media=EMAIL 

We have our ETSY store richandrichbiz

Desiree Sims-CEO Rich and Rich Homeopportunities L.L.C.

Work: 414-465-2513

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In-Store Customer Journey

Looking to add Klarna to your brick and mortar locations? See how easy it is for consumers to Buy Now and Pay Later in store with Klarna In-Store.