Freetrade to cut up to 15% of staff

Freetrade to cut up to 15% of staff

During an internal "All Hands" meeting on Thursday the 9th of June, the challenger stockbroking app, Freetrade, announced that it would be implementing redundancies for up to 15% of its staff.

The West Wing- What time is it in Japan….?

The West Wing Season 2 Episode 15. Senior staff trying to work out when the President will be back from his trip to Japan

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Fair Trade: Does It Help Poor Workers?

Elizabeth, an Everyday Economics viewer, asks: “How does the purchase of fair-trade goods affect wages in developing countries?”

Great question! The “fair trade” movement has become popular as a proposed way to increase living standards in developing countries. In this video, we look at whether fair trade does just that.

For a good to be considered “fair trade” it must meet various requirements developed by a handful of fair trade organizations. In the developing world, who is better positioned to meet these fair trade requirements — large producers in wealthier countries or small producers in poorer countries? To answer this question, we take a look at the the example of fair trade coffee produced in both Costa Rica and Ethiopia. How does fair trade affect wages and overall quality of life in those countries?

And, if fair trade isn’t the best way to improve living standards in developing countries, how else can we maximize employment options and well-being for poor workers? This question is at the core of an entire branch of economics — Development Economics. To learn more, check out MRU’s Development Economics course.

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Top 10 Stocks To BUY NOW (High Growth Stocks)

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In this video I’ll go through the top 10 largest stock positions in my portfolio. These high growth tech stocks are my highest conviction stock picks for 2022 going into 2023.

My stock portfolio going into December 2022 is composed mainly of high growth cloud stocks, though there are some other interesting companies in there. Each of these companies has the potential to 10X in size over the next several years, and I would not be surprised if at least a few of them do so. My full list of positions is: Datadog (DDOG), Cloudflare (NET), Snowflake (SNOW), (BILL), Upstart (UPST), ZoomInfo (ZI), Crowdstrike (CRWD), SoFi (SOFI), ZScaler (ZS), and Sentinel One (S). These stocks are not allocated evenly, and I have wildly different convictions for each one.

The goal of this video is to talk about different companies I am interested in and hopefully get your thoughts too. I think it is difficult but possible to outperform the overall stock market as an individual investor. You should not try to copy my portfolio, because I make changes to it often and quickly if my thesis changes around one of the stocks.

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